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2018 Streaming
Christine Correa, voice RedPiano (rpr 14599-4434) 1 add to cartveiw cart$14
2017 The Dorothy Wallace Suite
Kresten Osgood, perc/drums ILK Music 1 add to cartveiw cart$75


Limited LP Release 25/300 copies in the USA Signed!

Shipped separately from CDs.

2017 Town and Country
Dominique Eade, voice Sunnyside

(SSC 1484)

1 add to cartveiw cart$12
2015 Kitano NoirKitano Noir
 Sara Serpa, voice Sunnyside (SSC1362) 1 add to cartveiw cart$12
2015 Ghost Tones: A Tribute to George RussellGhost Tones A-Side Records (0001) 1 add to cartveiw cart$12
2014 The Road Keeps Winding: tribute to Abbey Lincoln Volume TwoThe Road Keeps Winding Christine Correa, voice RedPiano(rpr 14599-4415-2) 1 add to cartveiw cart$12
2014 Lettuce Prey LettucePrey_Cover David “Knife” Fabris, guitar (Ran Blake as sideman) #1 add to cartveiw cart$12
2013 Ran Blake Plays Solo Piano (Re-Release)
Ran Blake, piano ESP-Disk (1011) 1 add to cartveiw cart$12
2013 KaleidoscopeKaleidoscope Jon Hazilla, percussion CIMP Records(CIMP #391) add to cartveiw cart$12


Vilnius Noirvilnius noir cover David “Knife” Fabris, guitar NoBusiness Records (NBLP45) Limited Edition

Only 500 LP Records Issued

#1 add to cartveiw cart$75


Limited Release 2 Left

Shipped separately from CDs.

2012 Down Here Below: A Tribute to Abbey Lincoln, Vol. 1
Christine Correa, voice RedPiano(rpr 14599-4411-2) #1 add to cartveiw cart$12
2011 WhirlpoolWhirlpool Cover Dominique Eade, voice Jazz Project(JP 3002) #1, #2, #3, #4 add to cartveiw cart $12
2011 Grey December: Live in Rome Grey December Cover (Solo) Tompkins Square(TSQ2592) 1 add to cartveiw cart$12
2010 Camera Obscura Camera Obscura Cover Sara Serpa, Voice Inner Circle Music (INCM015CD) #1, #2 add to cartveiw cart$12
2010 Out of the Shadows Out of the Shadows Cover Christine Correa, voice Red Piano(RPR1) #1, #2, #3, #4 add to cartveiw cart$12
2009 Driftwoods Driftwoods Cover (Solo) Tompkins Square(TSQ1966) #1, #2, #3, #4 add to cartveiw cart$12


Sonic TemplesSonic Temples Cover Ed Schuller, bass & George Schuller, drums GM Recordings(GM3046CD) #1 add to cartveiw cart$25


Painted Rhythms: Compleat Ran Blake Vol. 1Painted Rhythms 1 Cover (solo) GM Recordings(GM 3007CD) #1 add to cartveiw cart