Book, Primacy of The Ear


Primacy of the Ear, by Ran Blake with Jason Rogers

Many music books are designed to help better understand written music, but Ran Blake’s Primacy of the Ear focuses on the development of the ear, rather than the eye. There are exercises for instrumental practice, but most of the technical and practical exercises in Ran’s book are concentrated on how to take an aural language and apply it to your own music. Putting the ear, rather than the eye or fingers, at the center of your musical learning is the key to forming a truly personal style.

“One’s single most crucial ally in the exploration of music is the ear. When you listen, the ear reacts before the brain has time to process; it is an honest broker. When you play, the ear pulls you to a sound faster and more confidently than your brain; it is the part of you most in clutches of the muse. More than any other learning tool, the ear offers a straight line to your musical DNA and allows you to access and communicate your most honest, most original music.”

~Ran Blake, quote from Primacy of the Ear