April, 2017

April, 2017 Newsletter
Ran Blake  
French Tour 2017  
Tours, France: May 3rd-4th

Caen, France: May 9th-10th
Strasbourg, France: May 13th

Ran is very much looking forward to seeing friends and fans in France this May. He’ll be teaching masterclasses and performing in Tours, Caen, and Strasbourg from May 3rd to the 13th.

Special thanks to Aaron Hartley, Antoine Polin, Lukas Papenfusscline, Jeffery Cox, and Renaud Baillet for all their help organizing this tour.

See below for more information on each event. (Additional updates can be found on the Calendar Page of the website).
Tours, France 
Wednesday, May 3rd @ 10am- noon & 3-5pm 
Two (2) Masterclasses at 10am- noon & 3-5pm*
Sponsored by Jazz a Tours 

Thursday, May 4th @ 8pm

Ran Blake Plays Solo Piano*
w/ special guest  Lukas Papenfusscline
*Both events will be held at:
Le Petit Faucheux 
12 rue Léonard de Vinci,
37000 Tours



Caen, France 

Tuesday, May 9th 

Masterclasses @ 4:30pm and 7:30pm  
Wed, May 10th @ 8:30pm
Ran Blake Plays Solo Piano**
w/ special guest  Lukas Papenfusscline

Sponsored by Collectif PAN

**Both events will be held at: 
Conservatoire de Caen
1 Rue du Carel
14000 Caen, France

Strasbourg, France 

Sat, May 13th @ 8:30 pm

Ran Blake Plays Solo Piano***
w/ special guest  Lukas Papenfusscline
Sponsored by Jazzdor 
***This concert will take place at:
CSC Fossé des Treize 
67000 Strasbourg 


Eden MacAdam-Somer & Hankus Netsky
Monday, April 17
@ 7:30pm
NEC’s Jordan Hall

Join two of the world’s most renowned, dynamic, and original Jewish music performers – NEC’s Contemporary Improvisation department co-chairs Hankus Netsky and Eden MacAdam-Somer – for an evening of Yiddish and Hassidic song and klezmer dance tunes. This music carries the richness of an incredible history and an unmatched celebration of life, with threads running through many corners of the world.

Free and Open to the Public!!

New England Conservatory
290 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA


Ricky Ford
“A Great Day in Paris”

a film by Michka Saäl

This documentary film opens on May 17th, 2017 at Le Saint-André des Arts in Paris, France.

“The thought, on Ricky Ford’s part, was to honor the African-American musicians who chose to live abroad, overseas.. The story’s historical format is a dedication to  Art Kane’s Harlem 1958 historical photo and focuses on some of these expatriate musicians in a contemporary setting are seen as an essential element to add, as said, to the Jazz historical continuum. Clearly, the combined creative transformation process and energy of Ricky Ford and Director, Michka Saäl shines brightly on the aspects and experiences of the six featured musicians, John Betsch, Sangoma Everett, Bobby Few, Kirk Lightsey, Steve Potts and Ricky Ford, playing their part as musical spokespersons. Their artistry is universal and quite magical in application and most apparent when seen on the expressions of those when they play. And that goes for Ricky too. 

The film is bilingual and that’s good because, it makes the viewer feel like they are right there harmonizing in the spirit of the love and solidarity they feel in their hearts along with those six musicians and 70 other Women of Jazz and Jazzmen as they get together on that ……Great Day in Paris.”

by Alfie Wade

Article HERE

Buy Tickets HERE

Le Saint-André des Arts

30 Rue Saint-André des Arts
75006 Paris, France


Ilona Tipp
Master’s Recital
Sunday, April 23 @ 4pm
NEC’s Pierce Hall

Friend, student, and awesome TA, Ilona Tipp will be celebrating her exiting master’s degree recital on Sunday, April 23rd @ 4pm. Knowing Ilona, I imagine she’ll have a wide variety of tantalizing solo and ensemble tidbits to offer to both the casual and dedicated listener!

Free and Open to the Public!
Hope to see a lot of friends there!

New England Conservatory
290 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA

‘Tis the Season for Student Recitals & Free Concerts @ 
New England Conservatory

Stop in to hear some of the terrific free student concerts happening in April and May at the New England Conservatory.

A short list of Ran’s students and friends can be found HERE and a complete list can be found on NEC’s website HERE.