December, 2015

December, 2015 Newsletter
Best of 2015
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Ending 2015, Ghost Tones: Portraits of George Russell (A-Side Records) and The Road Keeps Winding with Christine Correa (Red Piano) are ranked among the best albums this year by a number of highly respected and influential reviewers, critics, and journalists.

“Pianist/composer Ran Blake presents a loving tribute to his late colleague George Russell in a diverse program anchored by his sensitive piano playing. Fascinating kaleidoscope of Russell compositions and relevant standards, with varied, creative arrangements.”

~ Mark Sullivan

Source to All About Jazz by Mark Sullivan

Source to NPR (Thanks Duck Baker!)

“A pianist influenced by Thelonious Monk, Billie Holiday, and rain-soaked film noirs, Ran Blake doesn’t swing the way most jazzmen do, but he penetrates, as well as anyone, the essence of the verse, the tingle of a mood, the grief of the blues. Lately he’s teamed up with smoky-voiced female singers, ex-students of his at the New England Conservatory, for duets, and this one-a tribute to Abbey Lincoln-glows with amber, Christine Correa stirring just the right mix of dark romance and spooky passion.”

~ Fred Kaplin

Eden MacAdam-Somer is also on the Best of 2015 in the Boston Globe!
“My First Love Story (A-Side Records)” Appalachian folk provides the through-line, but Texas-born violinist, violist, singer, musical polymath, and New England Conservatory prof MacAdam-Somer ranges deep and wide on these 17 pieces for solo strings and voice, recorded live at NEC’s Jordan Hall, from Duke Ellington’s “Jump for Joy” to Ralph Vaughan Williams’s cycle “Along the Field.”

~ Jon Garelick

Source to Boston Globe Article by Jon Garelick

My Former Archivist is the Boston Yeti
I think that explains it all. John is now on a quest to help the lovely mammals of the MSPCA. Read more by clicking the link below.

Source to Improper Bostonian

Book Review:
Beast in View by Margaret Millar
A lonely heiress of a lonely family lives in a lonely hotel. By herself. But, is she really alone? She is only befriended by a retired investment counselor. Beast in View is a knockout novel by Margaret Millar

from 1955. It contains fantastic surprises and is shockingly ahead of its time.

Our heroin, Helen Clarvoe, appears to have a faulty memory, which reminds me of a similar trait that Kim Novak’s character Madeline possesses an Alfred Hitchcock’s vertigo.

Helen is being stocked by woman spiraling out of control. Fans of Brian DePalma and Patricia Highsmith will savor this on a cold winters night.

Auld Lang Syne
Another Holiday Recording Just For You!
Ran wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season and would like to give this version of Silent Night as a gift to everyone who subscribes to the newsletter. Thanks for listening! Happy Holidays!

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Concerts in Jan, 2016
There are many wonderful concerts taking place just after the New Year including another fantastic performance by

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