August, 2015

Pierre Jansen

Pierre Jansen (1930-2015)
Film composer Pierre Jansen died August 13, 2015 at his home in Saint-Pierre-le-Déchausselat in Ardèche.

Born in 1930, he began studying piano and harmony with Alfred Desenclos at the conservatory in his hometown, Roubaix, and then continued his training at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels where he obtained the prize for piano and writing.

With the extraordinary pedagogue André Souris, he deepened his mastery of writing and orchestration.
By the 1950s, Jansen studied with Olivier Messiaen in Darmstadt. His interest in twelve-tone music grew. He composed while postsérielles various parts together, such as the Suite for piano and 18 instruments (1958), directed by Bruno Maderna. Jansen became a dedicated film composer in 1960, and for many years he collaborated with Claude Chabrol.

Jansen will be particularly remembered for his extraordinary music from  This Man Must Die (1969), Le Boucher (1970), and La Rupture (1970).

Jansen also worked with many other acclaimed directors such as Claude Goretta, Pierre Schoendoerffer, Francis Girod, Serge Moati and Josée Dayan. In 1985 he composed with his friend Antoine Duhamel scoring a masterpiece of silent cinema, David Wark Griffith’s Intolerance. Controlling the Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers, this work was commissioned by the National d’Ile-de-France Orchestra under the direction of Jacques Mercier then performed at the Avignon Festival.

Gradually abandoning film music by the 1990s, Jansen was firmly dedicated to the composition of works for the concert including: Suite duet for piano and orchestra (1987), In Praise of consonance (1993), L the year two thousand, the end of a millennium for chorus and orchestra (1999), and Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (2006).

Additionally, Jansen was appointed professor of orchestration at the Conservatoire de Paris (Paris Conservatory) in 1994.

A musician of absolute integrity, Pierre Jansen led a demanding career: he continually sought quality harmony (whether tonal or dissonant), fine orchestration, and care in form. As an artist cultivated and curious about all music, he was able to write in any language. His personal work is made up of complex modality in which the sound polarities always emerge clearly.

From this point of view, he is truly a musician who boldly traversed the second half of the twentieth century.

Jansen is survived by his wife Colette Zerah.

By Marc-Olivier Dupin, compositeur, ancien directeur du Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris

Translated by googletranslate with additional edits by Aaron Hartley. Click here for source in French.

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