December, 2007

Ran Blake Newsletter
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December 2007


Ran and guitarist David “Knife” Fabris returned last week from a successful European tour that included performances in France, Germany and Italy. Highlights included the Casa Jazz show in Rome (photo at left), which nearly 400 people attended, and saxophonist Ricky Ford joining Ran onstage in Tours. Ran also enjoyed seeing many old friends.

This issue includes a few photos from the tour. You can check out many more here. Also, you can download a copy of the program from the Tours performance here.


Roamin’ Around

duooutsideThe intrepid duo soaking in the sights at Piazza Navona in Rome.

Word on the Street

signPre-show promotion in Tours.

Teaching in Tubingen

lessonRan gives a lesson to oboist Rossana Acosta-Peyrot in Tubingen, Germany.

Firsthand Account

dinnerLe Boucher, one of Ran’s favorite films, was filmed in the French village of Tremolat. Between tour stops Ran visited the village and met with a group of locals that included the town’s actual Boucher (butcher), who was an extra in the film.

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Happy New Year.

Vol. 3, No.12