December, 2006

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December 2006

At Piano

Welcome to the December issue of Ran’s monthly newsletter.

Jon Konove Killed in Car Accident

a friend with a passion for farming

jon Ran was deeply saddened by the November 26 death of his friend Jon Konove, who was killed when his truck rolled over on Route 20 near his Brimfield, Mass., home.

Jon, 29, ran his family’s River Rock Farm, which is known for its naturally raised beef. He drove to Boston several times a month to make deliveries.

Ran met Jon several years ago at the Brookline farmer’s market. Before long, he became Ran’s good friend as well as his personal meat supplier. Ran affectionately nicknamed Jon “Le Boucher,” in honor of the 1970 Claude Chabrol film by that name. They went out to see live music occasionally; Jon was a huge fan of country but was open to jazz as well.

“He was such a kind person, who loved the work he did and took great pride in the satisfaction it brought his customers,” Ran said. “One time after we’d been out, he came in to make sure I got in OK and then drove home. The next morning I discovered he had filled my freezer with steak. That was the kind of guy he was. I will greatly miss him.”

For more about Jon’s life, please see the Boston Globe obituary.

Newsletter Back Issues

If you’re just joining us, previous issues of Ran’s monthly newsletter are archived on the Biography page of Ran’s website.

Upcoming Performances

two new dates for 2007

Ran is scheduled to play on Friday, February 16 at the Northampton (Massachusetts) Center for the Arts as part of as part of a solo piano series.

Ran will also be performing March 25 as part of the Brookline Library’s 150th Anniversary. The celebration centers on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

We’ll have more details on both shows in coming months.

Celebrating/Studying Chris Connor
next August

connorChris Connor will be the subject of Ran’s annual intensive weeklong course, scheduled for the second week of August in 2007. Connor, one of Ran’s favorite vocalists, first became popular in the 1950s. Known for altering rhythms on ballads and for a husky, lush sound, she appears on Ran’s 1978 album Rapport. The class will include one evening session open to the public at the New England Conservatory.

Holiday CD Special

The holiday special continues until the end of the year. Order 3 CDs from Ran’s website, and get one additional CD free. Just enter the word “newsletter” and the title of your bonus choice in the “Notes/Instructions” box that appears just before you complete your order. Bonus album must list for $15 or less and be in stock.

Happy holidays, and we’ll see you in 2007.